UKdl are Specialists in all aspects of Drain Lining Installation

UKdl offer a unique service to the drainage and utility industry, carrying out drain lining, patch lining, pitch fibre, re-rounding, lateral cutting and lateral connection repairs / LCR repairs.

Installation of various types of liner or patch liner can be carried out on your behalf using plain unmarked vehicles with smart professional staff in logo free work wear. We are there to support and assist you in achieving the best possible solution for you and your customer's requirements.

Equipped with the latest technology and equipment we are able to provide an excellent level of professional service, being the UK's installer of Re-Tec products and equipment in association with Superjet / Jetchem.

We can also carry out excavations to assist in lining installation when necessary.

Demonstrations and courses can be tailored to your exact requirements using the full range of equipment or specific products.

We also work alongside Superjet / Jetchem Systems and provide branch demonstrations, together with reviews of all the new lining products.

We undertake all forms of lining, patch repairs, lateral cutting & lateral connection repair and pitch fibre re-rounding.

Contact us now to discuss any aspect of lining installation requirements you may have.

Our unmarked vehicles can attend site and carry out the necessary work quickly and efficiently. We work with you to give you and your client peace of mind. Let us be your lining partner, descreetly and efficiently.