Lining Repairs/No Dig Technology

No-dig technology has improved so much that the majority of drainage repairs and replacements can be completed without having to dig at all.

When drains are damaged, collapsing or need replacing, the immediate symptoms are bad smells or even overflowing sewage.

Cost and disruption are a major concern and the prospect of large excavations can be daunting but many problems can be rectified without have to dig at all. This is called no-dig drain repair.

What can be repaired with no-dig technology?

Anything from small breaks, cracks, fractures, drain subsidence repairs, displaced joints pipework, tree root intrusion and corrosion or decay of cast iron pipework.

How does it work?

By inserting a flexible, resin soaked tube inside the existing drain pipe and inflating with air or water pressure until it is set in place by the resin. Once set the air or water pressure is removed and the drain is left with a new internal structure which is strong and durable.